Search Engine Optimization

If you can’t be found, you don’t exist. Just like how your business wasn’t born in a vacuum, your website doesn’t exist in one. It’s competing against millions (Billions! Trillions!) of other websites for the attention of the 93% of people who start their online experience with a search which is, statistically, pretty much everyone.

There are simple and effective ways to increase the odds that your content will be displayed with the best possible positioning on the search results page. I will analyze your site, search for improvements, and detail the best way to implement them.

Google has over two-thirds of the search market. It makes sense. Just like how Kleenex is what a lot of people call tissues, regardless of the actual brand they’re using, Google has become the verb for searching online. Because of this huge lead in the search market, Google will receive higher priority in the search engine optimization strategy that we develop. However, other search engines, like Bing and Yahoo!, won’t be ignored.

I’ve got a lot more to say about Search Engine Optimization, so check back for Part 2 tomorrow!

PRO TIP: Never change a URL on an established post or page without a redirect in place.

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