Use This Simple Hack for Authority

“Hack” is the most over used word in the business blogging world right now. Overused and misused, ‘hack’ has become a meaningless buzzword that is often used in the title of a simple instructional post.
I’ve seen “hack” used in the title of a post that was to the effect of “gain 2 more hours of free time with this simple calendar hack.” You know what the trick was? Extra buffer time for travelling. That’s not a hack, that’s a piece of time-management advice.

If you use the word Hack in an article, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Call it a hint or a trick, because that’s likely what it actually is. When I see these articles using that word, I can’t help but be reminded of Regina George’s mother; “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” It’s like these writers are trying so desperately to jam click bait into their article that they don’t care how poorly it’s shoehorned into their article. So here’s a simple hack for you, stop using the word hack as a synonym for advice!

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