About Me

I was the kind of kid that took his toys apart to learn how they worked. Turns out my curiosity of how things work never went away. The toys I couldn’t put back together are a different story.

Who I Am.

I’m an Online Presence Consultant living in Toronto, Ontario. What does that mean? I help small and medium-sized businesses and their owners get the most out of their online assets.

What I Do.

I worry about the new developments in social media, content management systems, and the internet in general so you don’t have to. Think of me like your digital chaperone.

How I Do It.

“Knowledge is power,” says the axiom. The first hour of my day is spent reading top tech and social media blogs to catch up on the latest news and developments so I can give you the best solutions possible.


Here are just a few of the things that I can help you with.

Social Media Strategy
Data Analysis
Search Engine Optimization

Sean Simpson

Online Presence Consultant


I’m very fortunate to have worked with a very diverse group of clients. From provincial government to single employee businesses, every organization wants in some way to add value to the lives of others.